U Turns of My LIFE


This is totally fiction story.

[Pick the date]


"No you are wrong. Matter is different" she looks towards me.

"I also love you at that time but I afraid of my papa so" she gives me the perfect reason and my ears waiting to hear that from last six years.

"When I want to tell you my feelings at that time suddenly my sister knows my thought and tells all things to my papa" she continuously speaking taking breaks of few seconds.

"That's reason papa arrange my marriage with in two week and I can't invite niti"

She replied and I can also see the tears in her eyes and I put my hand on her hand.

"Do you know I still love you?" she replies and put her head on my shoulder. I can't tell you which type of my hear beat was at that time.

"Please take me out from this hell please help me I love you so much" she hold my hand on her hand.


On the one week end as usual I come to my home from my hostel. When I am on the way towards bus depot suddenly my cell phone vibrates. "PAPA calling…" I found that once too my cell phones screen.

"Yes papa" I ask to papa as asking of why he calls me.

"Where are you?"Papa asks me.

"At depot. Why? I am coming to home" I replied.

"I just want to check out it because here your cousin sister is arrived with your aunt" papa replied.

"Ok I will come around 7 P.M."I replied and cut it down and put my phone in my pocket. At the depot we are waiting for our bus.

"I am becoming very hungry any one wants to come with me?" Vj ask the question.

"Hey stupid bus will arrive any time don't go away" Tom replied to him.

"Hey dude we are going to home there we got some good food so don't it this west" I told to Vj.

Bus is arrived at 6 p.m. it's too late we are waiting from last one and half hour.

"Through your bags on last sheet" Vj shouted.

"Ok we got it. Mandy come here one seat is remaining here" tom shouted in the bus when I enter to the bus. After few seconds in the bus Tom asks me one question" Why are you going to home?"

"What?" I am surprised. What the meaning of that ones.

"For getting new mobile ha ha ha ha" tom gives the answer of that question and laugh on his own answer.

"No guys I am not going for that reason" I replied them but they are right main reason of going to home is getting new sexy mobile in place of nokia 1100.

"Which one is decided by you?"Tom asks to me.

"Sony, nokia or some thing else?" VJ asks another one.

"I think about nokia N 73" I replied with proud because at that time it is a dream mobile for youngsters.

"Good choice" Vj gives me smile like I have it's on my hand.


After one hour we all are in the our sleep at that time bus stops and we got up

"Oh sit now we reach to Gojaria" I told to tom.

"I am feel we are in the cycle what is this driver is doing?"Vj says loudly.

He goes back in his sleepy mood. I can't get it again so watching outside and enjoying the sunset. after an hour we reach to the gandhinagar at that time I see my wristwatch" oh god 7:22 damn it"

"This is the slowest bus in the world" Tom told to me. He is right it takes two hour for passing just 70 kilometers. It means 35km/hr it's too slow in this fast culture. We don't eat any thing from the morning so we become more and more excited to reach home.

"Oh my god it's 8 p.m. and we just enter to Ahmadabad" I think now I would reach in 10 minuets to home.

"Wow good news railway crossing is becoming down" Tom look at me and shuck his head.


We are waiting for last ten minutes for passing the train. Suddenly my phone vibrates 'papa calling'.

"Yes papa" after receiving the call.

"Where are you? When you reach? Why becomes so late?" papa asking lots of questions.

"I am near to home but railway crossing is off so we are waiting for passing the train" I replied and look towards my watch and said "I will come in 15 minutes"

"Ok but why your computer is not started?" papa asked me that type of question first time in the life.

"I don't know who want to start it." I replied with full of surprise.

"Here your cousin wants to start it" papa told me.

"What happen when start the switch" I asked with my professional question.

"I don't know. When you reach here than check it out" papa ends the call with this sentence.


My mind goes in the matrix of the question. What happen to my computer? Who is this cousin who starts my pc? What she want to do with my computer? What does happen if she opens my tour photos?

"Oye look train is also passed we will arrive home soon" Vj told with his hungry voice.

After 10 minutes bus reached the stop where I have to leave that bus. With in 2 minutes I reached my home. As usual mummy gives me warm welcome as a come after few years and I look a lady. I think she is my masi. I don't know personally so I just say hello. I look towards the other side of room. I see three girls are watching T.V. with great interests. It's the star awards. I just look her and go to kitchen because I came to home for good food & new mobile.

"This is your aunty do you know her?" mummy asked a question and she knows the answer of that question."NO"

"Yes" I replied with smile. I don't want to say no because it's one type of insert your guest if you say you don't know them.

Then mom introduces me with my aunt and my cousin sister but she forgot to introduce other two girls. I look from there but they are busy in watching the sharukh in T.V.

"What's happen with computer?"This is my first question to mummy on that day because computer is heart of my home for me.

"I don't know but it's can't start with Niti." mummy don't know much about computer. At that time first time I know her name.

I goes to my computer and than ask to my sister what's happen when you starts it. After all I am the doctor of computers. She starts switches and than said me doesn't come anything on the monitor.

I laugh and just put switch on the monitor. Than I ask her what she wants to do with computer I mean play the game or hearing music?

"Just want to pass out the time" Niti replies.

Oh thank god computer doesn't start with her.

At that I know the girls are comes for giving examination of PMT.I has to know anther girl's name for just chatting about the school of that examination centers. After few phone calls I found that address of that school. It was about 30 kilometer away from my home. Exam is the next day and as usual papa gave me that work to bring them on that school. The time is decided to go is 7:30 A.M.it is so early for that persons who get up at 9:30 like me but order is order so I have to do that once.


Next morning my sister and her friend are ready to give that examination. I look her friend she is good looking. I just look her dress code for just as usual checking the mentality of girls. I think she is only good looking. Her name was Yatri.

We are goes on my scooter. It's very bed to drive when you are on the three riders. Actually I am not sure about the how to reach that examination center?

After driving scooter speechlessly I look in the side lance of the scooter to see traffic of behind us than I saw the face of her.

'Nice she has a good face' at that time first time I see her face. Suddenly I recognize that I am driving so I look forward and constnrait on the driving.

After few minutes talking with my sister I break the silence among us and suddenly we goes on the topic of Ramesh bhai who is a teacher. He is my uncle.

"I don't like teachers" I told to because niti's mother and father is not a teacher.

"Why?" niti ask me.

"Teacher's life is bounded with time" I told to her.

When I goes to my mama's home at that time I feel like I am goes in the jail get up on 7 a.m. it's horrible for me to get up early in vacation. Take lunch on 12:00 p.m. after taking lunch go to bed and sleep whole noon after that once all the works on the time and they are not become a normal human in the home. They are just in the professional as a discipline in the school. So I hate that professional.

"I don't like to de teacher. It's very bad for carrier. Every teacher's house is full of rules. They can't" I told to niti.

Suddenly I heard

"It's not necessary for all teachers" Yatri speak politely. At that time first time I hear her voice. I don't know why she opposes my opinion toward teachers.

"No every teacher is another 'Hitler' " I replied to her and I look her face on the mirror I found her eye brows are goes to up. Yatri doesn't know that I can watch her by this glass.

Suddenly niti changes the topic and pass out the way of our journey.

After reaching the examination center.

"Best of luck" as rules of telling to the student I told both of her.

"Thank you" both is replies with smile.

After I pass the 3 hour out of that school and I am just thinking about my mobile phone. Which one is batter for me? When I bought it? Can I get it today? When I reach hole today? I don't know why my mind frizzes in thinking of the mobile and give me few pictures of the Yatri which one is captured by my subconscious mind.

When the bell rings and indicates exam is over. I go to the gate of that school. I welcome with smile "How's gone?"

"Good nice" both replied as all student answer after completion of the exam but the reality is shown in the result of exam.

After that we go on over way to go back.

"Let's goes in this mall" I told to niti. I want to check the price of the mobiles that's way I told them to go.

"Ok" niti replied.


After we go in the Krishna mall one of the biggest mall in our city. We enters in the reliance mart niti is two step is ahead from me and Yatri is parallel to me. I stop in front of the bunch of Jeans.

"Would you want to buy it?" I ask to Yatri and Niti. I just want to see her by this way I can look at her. She shakes her head as denotes 'NO'.

After checking out the price of the mobiles we left the mall and one corner I look stall of YUMS. I want to eat something.

"Which flavor you want?" I ask to niti and than my head towards the Yatri.

"Strawberry" niti replies.

"Same one" Yatri speak in her polite voice.

"Please give two strawberries and one chocolate" I order to the stall man.

After 45 minutes we reach our home and get our lunch at home. After the noon the girls and mummy goes to the shopping. The favorite thing to do for time passes.

"If you want to contact to us than call on niti's mobile" Mummy gives me that instruction when I am busy to choosing mobile from internet.

"I don't have no please give me" I told to mummy.

"Please write" niti said to me the number and I store it on the name of 'Niti'.

They left the home and goes on the market. After 2 hour they are comeback with bunch of bags. They put in the bed room that plastic bag and start to distribute all that things.

Suddenly I look towards the door of the bed room and I see Yatri after few seconds she looks towards me and I just put eye to eye contact with her and it's hold about 20 to 30 second than we move our eyes another directions and after that I look her for several times. That's the first time our eyes watches each other.

At that night she gone to her home back and after that day I say them bye bye and goes in the thinking of my mobile.


In the next morning I got up with the dream of my new mobile and at that day in noon I got new mobile and enjoying it. But when I go in to bed and try to sleep at that time suddenly my mind starts to think about yatri. I ignore all that thoughts and go to sleep. Up till that day I am waiting for her. I know that she must come to my home at the admission time so I will meet her. I start count down of admission of engineering which one is arranged in Ahmadabad only. After all that day comes when admission is taken place. But I bad luck follows me Niti comes alone and my eyes finding Yatri.

"Why she doesn't come?" I ask to Niti as become innocent.

"She comes directly to collage and go back from there" she replies and I think doubt is gone in her mind why am I ask about yatri?

I try my best to convene Niti to offer yatri to come here but she can't do it. At that night I go in to bed but mind is just thinking about only and only about yatri where she got admission? How can I see her? What I have to do for watching her? Why am I thinking about her? When she comes to Ahmadabad?

It was my first night that I can't sleep and it's impossible task for me to wake up. I can't compromise with my sleep but at that night I can't even know what's happen with me.

After few weeks I tell whole situation to my close friends and try to get opinion of them what I should have to do? After getting suggestion I decide to tell whole facts to Niti. And it's very hard to give the trust to Niti. Niti tries her best to convenes her but Yatri is hang up with her rules and she replied 'today I want to create my career' so I just decide to wait up till when she completes her study. I decided to wait till 2012 to 2014. It's very long time to wait just like 4 to 6 years but I can do it only for her. So I start again count down but this time not for days but for months & goes back to study and now I want to be good carrier in India so stars hard working. I complete my post graduation in 2012 and finding job in one MNC and try to contact yatri but I can't do it so I wait for 2014.


Monday, 29th January 2014.

After 6 years I complete my study in 2012 and start the job in one biggest MNC (Multi National Company). Now I have a good job so I bought a flat for me. It has 1 BHK it means one bed room hall kitchen that's enough for any single person. Doing work whole day and sleep on my home fully night that's my life in those days. I also buy a car for me after all dreams becomes true so enjoying life.

That's night of 28th December. In that night I am coming from my office to my sweet home with my car. Actually it's time for Christmas vacation but our company doesn't give us so we have to stay on that days in our company. After testing of my software I was became late. It's around 11:30 p.m. and I leave the office and come to parking and start my swift (car). I start my music player and leave office and feel the cool on that cold winter night of December.

After passing few kilometers away of my office I found a young leady seating on the bench. There was a circle so I decrease the speed and suddenly look at her. I feel she is crying and she is only in his salvar no any protection against that cold night. I shocked when I look on the time in my music player.

"Oh it was 11:26" I asked question to my mind

"So late in lonely street. It's quit dangerous for any leady to seat" My mind gives me strange answer.

After few second my car get turn in the circle and my car's head light put the light on her face. She protects her eyes with her hand against high light. Than I go few meter ahead of that circle and suddenly my brain goes in the storm.

"I think I see her before in my life" I asked to my brain.

"At where?" brain replies another question.

"I don't remember but I know her" I replied to my brain.

"Can I have to go back to look her?" I asked another question to my brain.

"Oye stupid just drive your car and reach to home" my brain ordered me.

But I don't follow my brain and turn my car on next U TURN. After few minutes I reach that circle and stop the car near to this bench and got out from it and cross the foot path and I found a sound of any crying leady. She wears a red color salvar. I feel she is not comfortable with this cloth on winter. I go forward to her and just look on her face than what…..?

She was Yatri. Oh my god I can't believe on my eyes. I look her in sort hair and now she has long hair so I can't recognize her. First question asked by me was

"Are you Yatri? What are you doing here? What's happen?" I asked her and look her eyes fool of tears. I never see this face of her in my any dream after all she was my dream girl.

"Nothing please leave me alone" she replied with her tears fully voice. And look downwards and she can't do eyes to eyes contact with me.

"No I can't leave you on this situation please tell me" I replied and seat on that bench.

"It's my personal problem" she replied and I feel the attitude such when she reject my offer to be friend but I ignore that once and again ask you another question?

"May I help you?" I asked politely.

"Just leave me alone please" and after this sentence she again start her fall of tears. Than I reply softly.

"Sorry madam but that I can't do" and look on her face she don't want to argues with me.

"Would you want to please come to my home? That place is some what less cold than this place" I invite her to come my home.

"I want to eat something and this place is very cold please if you don't come than I will spend night on this road and die by winter effect then you are responsible for that ones." I look at her and after all she shuck her hand and we walks towards my car. I open the door for her and start my car.

With in 15 minutes we reach to my home. I am little bit feel same and think what's happen when she look my dirty rooms with full of clothes. That's the situation of all man who live single in the home. We enter in the lift and I pressed 7th button and carry my office bag.

After opening the door we enter I main hall. I go faster in the room and turn on the light and start to collect the things which one is laid on sofa.

"This is quit dirty because I am leaving alone here so can't find time to clean it." I look at her and signed her to sit.

When she sit on sofa than I go to kitchen to take water for her and I order the food from hotel which is nearer to my apartment. I come back from the kitchen and seat another sofa and look on her face. I feel she is not feeling comfortable but I don't want to ask her any thing and as usual silence is broken by me.

"I am doing job here from last two years and niti is also doing her master" I start to talk about her best friend niti who is my cousin sister.

"Good" I hear that once from her and she became quit. I just want to change her mood.

With in 15 minutes my door bell rang and I open the door and take the parasol of food. I serve it on the dining table and I invite her to taking a food. we both sit on chairs.

"So what are you doing here?" I don't want to ask but I can't stop my mouth to ask that question.

"Here is my Law's in house" she replied and I am really soaked. When you hear that once from whom you are loves so much than really soaked. I can't believe on my ears but I control on my self and can't come my expression on my face.

"Oh I understand a little bit misunderstanding is occur with your husband. Am I right?" I replied and look at her she shake her hand with the reply of that question as I am right.

I look towards the clock lying on the wall. Its 12:48 a.m. it's too late.

"Too late for going your home now. If you don't mind than stay night here when tomorrow I go to my office I drop you" I offer her to stay one night on my alone home. I feel she become some problem.

"But" she just says this one.

"Ok just give your husband's mobile number." I relied to her question 'but' and she give me a number and I dial that no and that's call was not received by any one.

After trying of few minutes none receive than I look towards her and told

"Don't worry tomorrow I will come to your home with you" she feels some thing batter after hearing that once.

I have only one bed room so I offer her bed room to sleep and clean the bed for her. At that night I pass whole night on my drawing room sleep on sofa.

On that morning I got up earlier. Actually I can't sleep that night that's another night in my life in which I can't sleep. Just thinking about her and I don't believe on my heart why it loves her so much? Now nothing is done by me just accept fact and get up from my sofa.

I become ready for going office and I look on the drawing room Yatri was seating on the sofa and look pretty beautiful as usual and she is waiting for me.

"Ok lat us go" I signed her and go outside of my flat.

I drive my car for 20 minutes and than she suddenly "That's my apartment"

I turn my car to that apartment and goes on the lift with her after reaching she push her door bell's switch. After few second one old woman open the door and watching Yatri she doesn't give any expression and when she looks me I gave her smile than she reply us. I think old woman is her mother in law and after looking to me she feel something that I am relative of Yatri and she give us warm well come. After seating on sofa I feel some thing strange when I look around the house and feel something this is not our cast house.


Suddenly a young good looking man comes from one room and he looks first me and I reply him with smile and he doesn't reply anything. He looks towards Yatri and said"Oh after all you come back". I feel very bad. I thought he might be happy to look her wife back but he just goes and take his office bag and goes outside. I really surprised for looking that once.

After few seconds one beauty full and sexy leady comes from the same room in which that man comes. She looks hot in her night dress and she goes to kitchen.

I feel Yatri is not being comfortable to look that leady. I look my watch and try to go away from this house because I can't see that type of Yatri's face because I still love her. With in few seconds I look towards Yatri and said "I am become late so I have to go now."

"Beta wait just take breakfast and after you can go" Her mother in law replies.

"No aunty I will come later any day" and I leave her house and again I goes in the fall of questions. Is she happy in this environment? Why her husbands ignore her presence and why he tells this damn sentence?

I go to my office and can't do any work on that day. I want to call my cousin but she is in one village for her training of medical education so I can't contact her. I want to tell niti only that her friend is not happy here. Doing lot's of try I can't contact her than I decide to wait until she comes back to Ahmadabad.

As Usual I go to my flat late night after getting food I go in the bed. I am very tiered because I can't sleep last night even I don't sleep and just thinking about Yatri and suddenly I go to parking and reach that circle and conform that Yatri is not there. I return my mind that "that's her life why I should interfere in her personal matters?????" and come back to my home.

When I want to sleep and want to put my mobile on desk than suddenly I look one ladies wrist watch on my desk. Oh Yatri forgot this one. I am become excited to think about to goes to return this watch and see her again. I remember the year 2008 in which I pass one sleepless night and think about her and this thing is repeated again. I seat on my bed and remember her face and thinking about her why she rejects me? Now why I am thinking about her? Is she happy in her life? Why she leave her home last night and what's the matter? How can I help her?

I just think about her. I can't sleep on bed so go to Balcony and stood alone in the winter on my sleeveless t shirt and half cut track. I just pass whole night in the thinking about Yatri and just ask question to my self and give the lots of reasons for that questions. When I am look in to watch its 4:20 A.M Oh my god another sleepless night of my life. My back got something pain to pass whole night on one chair so I goes to the bed and just thinking about her.


"Hi how are you?" Yatri smiled and ask me this question.

"Fine and you" I replied with smile. We are in the garden and seating on green grass.

"Why are you rejecting me?" I asked the question and look in her eyes.

"Am I looking bad? Am I not as smart as you want? What's problem you found in my nature? I know that am not good looking and smart but you have to just one time talk to me" I added few more questions and starting to look her.

"No not's this matter" she replied with little voice.

"Than what's the matter?" I asked her softly and waiting for few seconds.

"I am not so much rich that's the matter or why are you not informed about your marriage?" I can't seat speak less so continuously asking her questions.

"No you are wrong matter is different" she looks towards me.

"I also love you at that time but I afraid of my papa so" she gives me the perfect reason and my ears waiting to hear that from last six years.

"When I want to tell you my feelings at that time suddenly my sister knows my thought and tells all things to my papa" she continuously speaking taking breaks of few seconds.

"That's reason papa arrange my marriage with in two week and I can't invite niti"

She replied and I can also see the tears in her eyes and I put my hand on her hand.

"Do you know I still love you?" she replies and put her head on my shoulder. I can't tell you which type of my hear beat was at that time.

"Please take me out from this hell please help me I love you so much" she hold my hand on her hand.

I just put my self and her in the song 'Hai gujaris ………' from movie "Ghajini" .


Suddenly I open my eyes oh my god this is my dream. And that song 'Hai gujaris…..' is my ringtone. I stood up and look to my mobile's screen "Hitler is calling…" oh call from my boss. Oh shit that's 01:01 p.m. oh my god I sleep whole morning.

"Yes sir" I pick the call from my boss.

"What are you doing man where are you? 1 p.m. is now and today is last day to submit your work and that's your responsibility to complete work on time as a team leader. When you come to office?" boss has authority to stop working your brain from other matter and I forgot all about Yatri and go as possible as early to my office.

When I reach to office I have to complete my whole project in few hours otherwise I have to spent night in office. I work on 9 p.m. when all left my office and I have to still complete 40% of my work so I have to stay in office so I start work and look in my watch it's 11:30 and still I complete my 70% work and I got cup of coffee. I complete my work on 2 a.m. and I just put my legs on the table and goes to sleep without thinking about Yatri because I am in office at there nothing is allowed.

In the next morning 8 a.m. boss and peons come back to office and they found me on my table to sleep and my boss comes to me and ask me

"Hey dear what's this?" boss standing in front of me.

"Sorry sir!" I replied and look downwards.

"Oh you are really hardworking person after all you complete your before today so congratulation you got promotion" I think I am in dream and I can't believe on me eyes and ears.

"You got break for today go to home and enjoy the sleep on bed instead of table" boss smiled and told me to go home. When I reach to office parking and starts thinking about Yatri and I want to share my increment with her and I have one reason for go to her home 'Returning her wristwatch'.

I goes to the my flat and first off all I goes to bath room and take bath and be ready for going Yatri's home and I am excited and very happy about my promotion. I want to celebrate this moment with her. I don't know why?


I become ready to go her home. I go to my parking and just start my car and rush to her home. When I reach to her apartment and park my car and go to her flat and when I go to out from lift and reach near to her house's door. I hear some noise comes from the house. It is as clearer as out side can hear clearly. I stop my step towards door and try to hear.

"You are bloody stupid idiot .you can't do your work properly. What are you learn from your mother" I think this voice is that old woman's who well come us.

"What are you stupid make this food and what are you learn from the lesson in one night before" this voice is like some girl and after that once I hear the noise of breaking glass and I can't know what should I have to do?

"How much money that man spent to you for staying one night with you?" I hear that noise is from any man and I really soaked when hear that once and I suddenly kick on door and goes in to the room.

When I enter in to the room I found four peoples there Yatri, her husband, her mother in law and another woman. Suddenly I look in to one corner I saw Yatri is seating on that corner and blood is comes from her head. I suddenly become very angry to see blood on Yatri's face. I go near to her husband and slap on his face.

"Oh mister who are you and why are you comes in to our personal matter?" that woman stand up and shouted.

"What's your relationship with Yatri?" her mother in law asked to me.

I don't think to give the answer of that questions and go to near Yatri. I hold her hand and pull her and I see the tears in her eyes and goes to near the gate of her house.

"GO go never come back in this home" that man announces that.

Yatri looks backside and down her speed but I pull her speedily so we leave that house. We reach to parking and I told her to come in the car and I drive the car and stop to nearer clinic of one doctor and clean that blood from her nice face and put banded.

After that once we go to my flat and at that time I can't speak. Even I forgot about the celebration and all my happily mood is gone over.

"Thank you" now this time the silence breaking by her and I look in her eyes and I found water still in her eyes.

"For why" I replied her thanks.

"Medical treatment" she gives me replies of my why.

"It's my obligation. Now please tell me about that persons and about you please" I replied her with a humble request.

"Please I am sorry. Not now" she replied and tears come again.

"Ok I become very hungry it's 1 p.m. so let's take our lunch let's go" I want to change the topic for changing her mood.

We go to one restaurant for getting the food and come back after two hours and just come back. After few seconds for coming back suddenly she speak

"I am sorry"

"Oh that's my lines why are you saying that once?" I replied with funny mood.

"No for me you have to hear so many from my husband" she replied in some serious mood.

"No problem yet all" I replied from coming back from the funny mood.

"Why are you not complaining this all things to your parent?" I asked again from that topic.

"That's not possible." she replies and takes one long breath.

"Ok I am telling you whole story" she replies and start the story.


"The story begins one year before kunal is my class mate in my collage. In the beginning we are just good friends in our collage life. Just sharing book and passing time with each other. We become good friends. I feel some thing well with his company and after one year he proposes me on 'valentine day'. I can't say no to him because I also like him. We become good couple in our collage and pass more time with each other. When we come to final year I ask him for marriage but when I ask about that topic at that time he changes the topic. i don't consider this as seriously but when we complete our graduation than we decided to marry. We decide to get the permission from our parents and my parent knows about our relationship. Than what they oppose we because kunal is different cast from us so my parent become strict for me. After we decide to go out from that state and stay out of state so we goes in to court marriage and start my new life with full of dreams but dreams are created for broken they never becomes true"

Than she cries so much and I replies that

"Ya you are true dreams are created for broken. I realize that one" I want to point about that topic of that was about my dreams which one is created for her and destroyed.

I stood up and take one tin of cold coffee from frizz and offer one to her than she looks to my eyes we just look each other for 40 seconds than she change her eyes direction.

Suddenly she speaks with taking her tin of coffee" after that day of leave home. I also lose so many things like parent and my good & best friend niti."

She starts the story again.

"Niti does not want to talk with me because you know the reason very well. When I reaches to kunal's home at that time I found something odd & I look towards her mother and she order me to goes to my room and I follows it. It was first night of our marriage and kunal doesn't come whole night and I can't sleep that night and than next morning his mother say me that 'kunal goes out side for his companies work. He will be come with in two months.' At that time I really shocked he can't say me that once and leave his wife alone. I try to call him but he put his mobile at home. I have to work like as servant of his mother. After two months the home is decorated and his mother doing shopping and suddenly her mother tell me to go Mumbai for a week for enjoying and I go to there at kunal's uncle's home. I reached there Monday and than Thursday they all goes to marriage I don't know why they leave me alone at home for two days but I maintain my self. I come back on Saturday at that day the house has good look decorates with lights. I enter in the house at that time I found around 23 to 24 year old good looking girl. I don't know her. When I go in to the room kunal is there I run towards him and suddenly my mother in law stop me. My mother in law introduces that girl 'she is kunal's wife not you so go to kitchen and do your work'. I look towards kunal. He ignores me and goes away from my eyes. This situation is from last one year. Now I can't go to my home back and can't tell this to my friend so I decide to do suicide on that night and at that time you comes to me here and I can't take chance for next day I don't want to live more."

Than she again crying heavily when I hear about suicide at that time I stood up from my place and seat near to her. I hold her hand on my hand and look in to her eyes. They are full of waters. She put her head on my shoulder and stops to crying.

"Don't think about suicide never do that once every thing gone be all right ok give me promise that you never think about suicide" I don't want to leave her because I love her.

"Ok" she replies and put her head away from my shoulder.

After finishing this we goes to the dinner and return to home and at that night I also sleep on sofa and Yatri sleep in my bedroom. That was 31st so all peoples enjoying parties but I have to go office to next morning so I have to sleep now.


Suddenly at 11:58 p.m. I open my frizz and take out one cake and put it on the table and than I go out from kitchen with cake & my mobile rang with message tone it's for New Year wish via sms. I look towards bed room yatri is still sleeping. I put tray with cake and go to near her.

Thursday 01-Jan-2015

"Yatri" I speak in soft voice and she wake up and look towards me and feel some fear. I change my angle of head and see the table at where I put that tray of cake with candle.

"Happy birth day to you & Happy new year." When she fined cake at that time I wish her and put tray on the bed and put knife to cut the cake. I look in her eyes. It was full of tears.

"Hey what's happen" I seat on chair and I ask that stupid question.

"Nothing I forgot my birth day but you don't" she replied very good sentence that put my heart to forgot few heartbeats.

"Please cut the cake" I give her knife for cutting cake.

"Thank you very much" she gives me one byte of cake.

"Strawberry your favorite flavor am I right?" I ask this question for just try to hanging up with her.

"Why do you know it?" she replies with full of surprise.

"When we first meet at that time you prefer that flavor for ice cream." I give her replies that she can goes to past and rewind all memories. After chatting few minutes i don't want to sleep but she said that once is" Now we have to sleep because tomorrow you have to goes office."


The next morning when I open my eyes at that time I found one cup of coffee is putted on the table. I really soaked. What's this happen in my house? I stood up and yatri smiled to me. That's very nice when you got up and you found face of your love than it's really good morning. After taking cup of coffee I will be ready with in half and hour and left home.

It's my first day in my office after getting promotions. I go into the office and boss gives me new cabin and new chair. At that day I do my work much faster than regular speed. Reason is I want to go home early. After 7 p.m. I go to my home.

When I reach to my home and enter to that once and I can't believe on my eyes.

"What's is this? Who do all this?" I asked to yatri.

"At noon I am become boar so I clean whole house" she replied with smile and really my house is looking good much more as my expectation.

After put my office bag to the table than I change my cloths and ask her where "we have to go for taking dinner?"

"As you like" she replies and I found she want to say some thing but she can't tell it.

We goes to nearest villa hotel which is pretty good for go to date with any girl. This is my first date with her so I want to become it special.


We come back and I open the front door at that time I found one letter in my letter box. I take it out and yatri is stand up near to me when I got it I really soaked. The receiver's name was "Yatri kaneria".

"This is for you." I give it to yatri.

"What? for me? Who sends me on this address?" she replied with full of surprise. She opens the cover and found that paper. She seats on the gate and tears come in her eyes and I pull paper from her hand.

"This is divorce paper" I read that papers. I don't know how kunal found my address? Why he send this to my home?

"Now finally you can legally leave that man." I become happy to read hat paper but I can't express my feeling so I just say to her.

"No I don't want to do this one." She replied with her hear fully voice.

"Why? Are you crazy? Would you want to go again in that hell?" I don't want to miss her so I oppose her decision.

"I chose hell so I have to stay there. That's my life and my destiny." She replied with fear.

"I don't have another way. That's my future." She added with sad fully.

"Why? You have another way. You are educated so you have much more better ways and it's meaning less to stay that type of person who have don't care about you." I don't want to leave her again because I still love her so try to change her mentality.

"No it is very tough to stay alone in this world and especially for a leady is very bad" when she replied the fall of tears are continuously dropped and it's become me disappointed.

"It's not tough as you think" it's just my final tries for changing her mind.

"Whenever none is with you your parent and even your best friend than it's become impossible. I am totally alone." I feel she really apologize for her mistake to leave her parent.

"Who says you are alone. I am always with you." I don't know what I am saying but when she hears this sentence than she looks to my face.

"It's not possible. I am not applicable for you. I am married and I don't want to be dependant on you." She replied and goes into the bath room.

"I love you" I seat on my knees and propose her with one spoon because I can't found any rose or ring so I pick up red handle spoon. It's first proposed in the world by any spoon.

"Please don't say no I am waiting from last six years." I look into her eyes.

"Please I can't do." She replied with tears.

"Ok so I have to whole life. Nice" I lose my confidence.

"What's about the society? How can we manage it?" she replied when I put my head down. I really soaked when listen 'we' word from her. I got my confidence back and stand up. I look in her eyes.

"If you are with me than I can manage every thing just I want you than don't worry about every thing" I replied to that girl who is standing in front of me. It's first time in my life to say 'I love you' to any girl.

She looks towards me than I put my two hands towards her and she put her in my hand than first time I kiss any girl. I mean first time kissing experience and after that we goes to table I gave her pen and she sign that papers and after that she goes on the bed for sleep and after changing dress. I want to go sleep so I go to the bed room.

"You have to sleep on sofa up till marriage." She replied with smile.

"As your order" now onwards I have to follow her every orders because I would to be husband so defiantly my band also played by her.


Next morning we goes to court and submit that papers and after one month staying with me we decide to marry. I have to face few questions from my parent but after all its matter to my happiness so they are agreed with me. After one month our marriage is decided and now yatri's father also happy because they got son in law like me. When niti hear this news and we want to see her face when she got invitation card so we reach to her home for looking her strange but true facial expression and give her big surprise.

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