Unforgettable day of my life

On the day of the 3rd November of 2007 at that day I am gone to tarnga(jain tempal) .By the occasion of the "Maha shivratri " its holyday. As decided 7: a.m. we reach on Mahesana X road. All the guys from hostel already reach there. Order the tea for all and few peoples wants the breakfast. I also want it but my one friend Jatin told me we have to do "UPVAS" for the god siva.

Than what some time I believe in god for scientific reasons so I do as he told and take only tea. After the tea we are gone to our way. Traveling is not so much long we reach there after one and half hour. After reaching there.

" Hey! Here 32 temples are looking same" I say like that every one can hear

"Engineer does not have any other design" Joan passes comments on it.

RIK:"Stupid it's not all same. They all are different for specially"

In all our friends rik is only jain and he is very faith fully in the god. He does his all the type of the stupid formality to pray the god.

"Hey friends I become mug. In this place I don't want to go for visit all the temple" I told to them as usual when you saw all the same temples than you can't know the meaning of it.

Sam:"Ok guys let's go back" same thinking of mine

We are gone to the main temple of that place. It's totally peace fully and when our group is gone into that temple we fill good and as it is we visit in few minutes.

Now we saw hills around us. We want to do something adventures so we chose one hill and start to climbing without any instruments.

"Let us start another way for reach to top without use ladder" I told them

"Are you guys crazy" babu say as usual he doesn't want any type of risk so people called him babu it means "baby".

He is very very "fattu", he can't do anything else without oppose.

VD:"yes we all are crazy engineers"

Someone shouted:"Just start" I look back side C.E.(crazy engineers) starts the journey towards upward. Now we join them.

"Lets capture one photo" chig stand with his style to doing any pose.

This guy is crazy in front of the camera every time just photos.

I:"would you come here for modeling?"

After few minutes we reach on the ladder and some peoples want to put there shoes (champal) on that place so they do that ones. It is not a visitor place so on the hill our group is alone so no fear from shoes thief.

"hey dude now very big rocks on that way so we have to go from this way after all ladder is not created useless" preet with face of full dear for hiding his fear from his face

"Oye Fattu doesn't be normal thinking just do it dude take out your fears" I saw his fear with our task.

"hey! We are engineers so be abnormal not do as all peoples do."VD is believed that all the student of the engineering are abnormal.

Harry is above from some steps on big rock and shouted:"Any one want to join me" he doesn't want to hear use less arguments of that Fattu peoples.

"wait for me" I want to go from that way

"Oye give me your hand I am coming" VD shouted behind me. He is one step behind of me.

When we on the rock in few minutes 7 persons on that big rock and remains are Fattus goes from that another easy way.

We are starts our journey towards top. Hill is created by big rocks and we gone to the one rock to another. even in the my favorite shoes I use it for the climbing and I can't see to damage it.

We reach on some height and decide to took a break for few minutes

"that's the adventure"VD break the silence.

"Look downwards it's pretty beautiful"Harry support to him.

"Hey stupid don't look to downward I have fear of heights" suddenly joan say to him. He is sit near to harry.

"You have fear of heights and you are comes to climbing that's strange "I told to joan because it is a big thing to come in rock climbing with fear of heights.

VD:"that's the spirit dude not like that all bloody Fatoooos "

"ok guys break is over lets go ahead" Harry stood up and told like he is leader among us

We stood and goes forward to the top among our seven C.E. 3 are ahead of me and we help each other to come upward.

Suddenly I hear that "Be care full mandy here is very big curve rock so maximum chance for slip" I recognize that was joan and I can't see him on the rock………

Suddenly my mind and body also feel something bad. I know that is the weakness. I don't eat any thing from last night and do hard work is very bad for mind and even I don't drunk one glass of water from morning. I look about my watch it 10:53.even my mind can't judge what to do..

"Mandy what happen any thing problems are you fine????????"it comes from down side and I look towards down side I am on the haft of the rock and by the curve I can't see them but I look direct the bottom of the land and trees are looking like few centimeters of hight…………………….

I felt I lose my balance and I can't decide what to do. My arms lose there positions and rock is moving in my eyes. I pray for god "oye I am coming "

"I think if I go to the land and my parents got my death body" thinking of my mind

At that time I felt my legs are goes upward my mind stop to thinking and try to goes upward and after all I reach there rock and in few seconds my two friends comes from that way one shouted and ask me"Hey many are you all right ??why are you frizz on the middle of the rock????"

"Thax dude thank u you save my life"I said to Umar

After few steps we goes another rock we saw VD and joan are thare

At that place they are sit and watching the view of the village it's look very small. When we all reach there at that time I feel better and suddenly I feel some big questions on there face…

"Where is harry?"I asked to them

VD gives me the direction towards up.

I saw one big round shape rock and think what's this!!!!.I don't have any idea what is going on."There is no further way to go upwards"VD said. I feel the fear in his voice.i look upward and see that the rock is big and we do not have ropes.

"Guys now what we have to do…"Joan told with big fear. He has fear of heights so he can't look down and he can't open his eyes for few seconds.

"Harry is the possible to go ahead" Umar speak as loud as the top one can hear.

"Not yet found" Harry reply with very big sad voice.

"I have one idea"I told to them. All of them look me as I have helicopter.

VD look me and said "please stop joking , I am not in that mood"

"We found that fatoos and told them to give us the direction "I told them. I look towards them and feel good. Joan take his mobile from his pocket to his hand "Damn! No network "Put it on his pocket again and look towards me.

"Babu are you listening us than reply"Dik Shouted as much as possible.

"Preet please reply we need your help "Joan shouted.

After few second of shouting completion no response from that group we seat again and become nervous.

After few seconds we hear "Come on guys here one way but it is quit difficult come here "That's harry's voice we are become excited and goes upward than harry stood there and pointed towards a hole "That's the way to go top"

"are you crazy? how can we goes to this small hole "Joan ask to harry.

"No another way"Harry reply. he is right we can't go to down towards because we comes from the curve so it's impossible to goes on that way because gravity can make us more problem to control our body on curvature surfaces.

"ok guys let's starts "I told to C.E.

"mandy wants support so we come after him & he wants some water"Umar told to harry. He is that's man who push my legs and save my life so he realize that.

"This is very good place" VD told to us when we reach on one cave by that way of the hole.

"Amazing that's the greatest view of this whole place" Joan says.

"None comes here before us so we found a new place from earth" I told this sentence to them and feel like I found the India from earth before vasca'd gama.

"Shit we haven't any camera or any good mobile phone to capture this place in photos" Harry shouted.

After few seconds we go on the way of the top of that hill. With in a half hour we reach on the top. At there the group of "Fatoos" is waiting for us from last 45 minutes.

"After all we reach to our goal enjoy dude we reach with great experience"

"Unforgettable day of my life "

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