What is love????

MAndip Kanjiya

The Bible says that God is love. God, as our designer and creator, made us with needs for love. Do you ever wonder why we constantly seek love from others but never feel completely satisfied? It's because God designed us for an unconditional love, and we, as people, are flawed.

People, whether friends, family, or your significant other, will invariably let you down at some point. God wants us to find our need for love and acceptance in him first. One person cannot meet all our needs, even if he's funny or she's thoughtful.

We were made for God's love, and God's love alone can fill that need. Only after experiencing and knowing the unconditional love that God has for us, the love that drove God to send his Son to die for us on earth, can we begin to love others with the same quality of unconditional love.


  • Sees the other person as perfect
  • Wants to get own needs met; selfish
  • Spends all time with the other person
  • Quickly "falls" for the other person
  • Other relationships and friendships deteriorate
  • Dependence on the other person causes
  • Jealousy frequently
  • Lasts for a short period of time
  • Distance strains and often puts an end to the relationship
  • Quarrels are serious and common
  • Quarrels can seriously damage the relationship


  • Sees the other person's flaws and still loves them
  • Wants to serve the other person; selfless
  • Still spends time with others
  • Takes time to build the relationship
  • Other relationships and friendships grow stronger
  • Trust and understanding results in less severe and less frequent jealousy
  • Encompasses a long-term commitment
  • Survives and sometimes is strengthened because of distance
  • Quarrels are less serious and less often
  • Quarrels can strengthen the relationship

Now our main topic is started.

When we say 'I m in love' what do u mean by it?

Actually I don't know the answer of it but in this great I feel that


Most of Boys are in the physical attraction they don't know the minor gaps between the love and physical attraction.

Most of Girls (special cases) wants just bike rider and a rich boy who can spent lots of money for her nothing else.


You are really in love.

What's happen this type of case is happen with you?

How can you find it is it love or attraction?

How can you find that boy or girl loves you?

Do you have any boyfriend or girlfriend?

Than how check his or her love with you?

If you really wants to know more about this than read beloved and checkout your love is satisfied this requirements or not.


All love cases should not follow my rules but more than 90% follows it so try it if you are confused after read this than I m sorry for that once but I just give you one fact which one is observed by me.

If any girl broke any relationship after read this than I m extremely sorry

For Girls:

Now starts with the relationship of boys with the girls and the mentality of boys towards the girls.

àFirst thing about the boys is they are not so much emotional as girls so some times for boys it is easy to forgot anyone but the same thing is very hard for girls.

àMore than 50% boys don't know the meaning of the love. Boys can't judge the difference between the love and attraction.

àMost of the boys create relationship with girls for only and only one reason.(physical expectation)

àBoys are never thing about the feature of that relationship.

àFor boys some time girls are only time pass nothing else.

Now let's talk about all the time duration of life and love….

In the School life

  • primary level
  • High School
  • 11th and 12th

First level of the school life is Primary level..

àIn this level every boy needs the most beautiful girl of the school.

àIf you are good looking in the first level of your school life ,than so many boys dreams for getting you.

àIf I am not wrong, than girls are also dreams for the ranker of the class.

Don't Worry

In this level boys are noted out every movement of their dream girl.

So this level love is innocent attraction of negative field.

Second level of school is High school level…..

This is the age when boys have to decide one girl among of thousands.

Selection of girl is just lucky draw taken by his eyes. After the selection of girl boys says "He is fall in love?"

In that level of the life most of boys found the girls from the school or from the ROAD.

In that age boys are little bit crazy they saw only what they can see from their eyes. I mean only white skin and good look.

In that age duration boys noted down everything about their dream girl. Like when she get up, when she goes to school, when she goes to tuition and every movement of the girl. When they see that girl they become excited.

They wait on the road, on the terrace, on the street anywhere. Just for see her.

In that duration some girls are impressing from that things and than what starts? That's called "School Love" and they become the couple from school time.

At that time love means only and only good look nothing else it means no feelings are interrupted in this relationship.

Third stage of the school life 11th and 12th

In this stage of school period the smallest time of the school life but most important time for making carrier. Here the students divide in streams. I mean Science or General stream.

Definitely science field peoples are very busy in the study they don't have sufficient time for that type of relationship but among of them also falls in the girls and damage their carriers.

But in the other field must have to goes on the relationship with girls. in this type of relationship is done for only sexual attraction. In this age the hormones movements are changed in the boys and girls so they feel that they are in love.

. In this age the hormones movements are changed in the boys and girls so they feel that they are in love.

The Most Important time of the life is COLLEGE life

This is the time of life with full of drams and it comes after lots of hardworking of the school life and the boys and girls are ready to comes in the new world of real freedom in this word they are not bounded by any one so they are the king of their worlds.

Bad Thinking of this life is:--

As we all are crazy for bollywood movies and when we see that movies at that time we all are put ourselves in the place of hero or heroin's character. And starts our dreams we see lots of movies on the dependant of the college life and dreams of that type of college life?

In the real life when we enter into the college life at that time we first find out our hero or heroine for our college story and after that all that things are comes in to our mind or our heart.

In the college life all boys wants a girl with him and want to hang up with her. In this he again does the lucky draw by his eyes and he chose one of the good looking girls from his college. After that he starts of the dreaming of that girl and than what he creates a new movie with that his dream girl. After that he announces that he is in the love.

If he does not find his choice in his class than he wait for one year for new girls which are juniors and again another lucky draw…………

But up till he doesn't know the meaning of the love ……………

So now what can boys do for getting his love

1st step he tries to impress that girl by any how he can do it.

2nd he tries via SMS or call via his mobile if the boy don't have enough bravery to tell any girl on her face.

3rd This is the most common way. In this way boy goes from any his friend (female friend) to close that girl or propose her.

4th way: That boy never tells to that girl and passes out his college life.

Girls are care full in this period of life so in that time you can face lots of boys wants to propose you.

Now the big question about how many types of the boys are comes to the girls and how they are find out that girl and what they can do for getting her trust.

Experts :-->

In the first category of boys are smarter who are very smart in this matter for impress any girl. This type of boys can impress any girl by his verbal communication. They knows ways to impress the girl in the sense they know, they like and dislike factors of any girl and they apply it to any girl and most of the girls are impress from his this type of the attitude and behavior.

Silly :-->

In this category you can put whom who don't have enough experience with relationship with any girl. They are somewhat feeling same to talk with girls and they are most of passes time with boys and avoid to talk with girls. When this type of boys attract to any girl at that time two possibilities are possible

  1. He become somewhat crazy for just watching that girl and just gathering all information about that girl again this is the situation of the school time love.

  2. Another possibility is that the boy never overcomes his feelings to that girl. Inside he want to hang up with that girl but he never do that once just because of feeling same and inner fear with girls. I personally say this is biggest fear to this type of boys.

Stupid :-->

This is the most common category of boys according to me. In this category I put the boys who are just want girl with him anyhow. They do their best for getting that girl like purchase costly gifts for her and wishes her on valentine day by rose or any heart.

I think all of good looking girls face this type of the stupid boys in their life?

Am I right?

This is creates just because of the jealously. The different type of jealously when this type of boys look and couple or any good looking girl with any boy at that time heart of our stupid lover start to bit and he also want this type of his life.

But but but ……

In his life no such type of girl is available so he finds from the collage.

For finding this type of girl

  1. First of all he find girl from his class room

If he does not get his perfect match from his classroom than he find her from outer side of the class means in the collage. Another easier way

  1. The easier way select from juniors

In this he got some advantages are first of all junior should give them respect so none can directly insert them. Another is when any girls comes to the first year mostly she doesn't have any relationship with boys so he want to be the first man of her life and on the girl side when they got admission in the first year at that time they are just 17 to 18 years old so they are not mature for any relationship. And as I told you earlier as the bollywood style collage life. In this type of mentality girls also wants to hang up with any boy and she also wants a good love story as seen in the movies.

If the girl impress and hang up with that boy than ok if girl says no than boy goes to his classmate female friends and try to create friendship with that girl. Easiest way to be her friend by using mobile first he sends just good morning and other sms to that girl after that he start sms chatting with that girl and by this way he tries to go closer with tat girl in this time duration boys can know the liking and disliking factor of the girl so he can easily impress that girl and he saw that idle match of that girl and definitely girls are impress with them. She feels that which type of boy she wants is this and hang up with that boy.

Is this love?

First I ask you: what are you like?

You tell me I like red rose and teddy. After that I purchase one red rose and teddy for you than you are impressed from that boy. After creating the relationship you know other side of that boy means bad factor of that guy. First he saw your dream boy but in reality when you go closer to that boy than you find that he is not your dream boy. He just do it to impress you in his real life he is totally different.

In few cases girls know this fact within few weeks and in few cases she knows after few years when any incidence is create misunderstanding or any bad experience face by her.

If you know this fact before your marriage than it's ok but what if you know after marriage than what??????????????????

This is about the stupid type of guys now moving on…..

Idiots :-->

In this category I put that type of boys they doesn't feel any type of love. I think they never have any type of feeling for girls in the matter of love. They are really lucky because they never suffer in pain for love but what when any girl is fall in the love with this type of boys? Very strange to see this type of love story because in this type of love story one does not know the 'L' of love and another one fall in love. Forget that type of boys because in this world very few boys have this type of mentality.

Considers this main three categories

  • Experts
  • Silly
  • Stupid

Compare your boy friend or lover with this category. I am sure that one of this category is match with it if not than go ahead.

I am sure who girls have any boy friend they feels this is wrong or this is time pass or boring type of comparison.

I know you have more trust on your love than me. This is good thing but now if you want to get your love forever in your life and want to be his dream girl for whole life than follow this factors :-->

First of all any boy comes to you and say this" I will wait lifetime for you" than please don't take it seriously because his lifetime ends when he impress or attract from another girl so don't think that you broke his heart.

If you have same case in your life and you are impress from that boy than his technique is worked and you are stupid because for saving his life you lost your life.

Sorry to say that but you should have to check your love with love meter created by me.

In the college life most of boys are not serious about girls they just doing time pass nothing else they just enjoying today never think about tomorrow. In another side girls create dreams about future which one is not possible.

This type of boys wants one girl and for that they can tries his best. They attract from any good looking girl and become crazy for that girl and if that girl is smart enough than she got that golden fish. He spend lots of money for that smart girl and gift her costly gifts and when girl finds boy does not have more money than she leaves him and that boy become 'devdas'.

If any girl is not impress from his general formulas than he start emotional blackmailing.

What happens after the love marriage?

Especially when any above type of love is occur.

Before the marriage every thing is good. Whole night talking on phone and sending sms and share every thing which one happens in the day but but but………….

After marriage the second phase of coin is shown by the couple means sad version of life.

Before the marriage they spend very few hours to gather so the relationship is sweetest but what happens when they got full day with each other and stay with family and other responsibility.

General life example is our hostel roommates. I am not talking about homosexual but normal persons. When we got any new roommate or friend at that time or before sharing room with his or her we saw only good factor of that person like he or she is my good friend and we have same mentality but but but………….

When you spent few months with him or her than you find few deficiencies in him or her that is one type of good experience in your life. After that your power of endurance is over and you don't want stay with that person or want to change room partners. Some times this situation creates big problems in the friendship.

The same case happens in marriage life in that room partner is replace by life partner.

In the room mates you can change room for solution but what happens in marriage life. Can you change your life partner?

And as per Indian monopoly more than 90% love marriage does not got family support so when you want really support or need any one at that time you are alone.

Few reasons for break ups:à

  1. Fight of ego: In this case two people can't respect each other's ego.

  2. Week understandability: when you can't understand your partner's silence than you can't understand him or her.
  3. Respect: When you say few world in public place or when your partner feel inserting or same on that matter.

  4. Trust: this is another name of love if you don't have trust on your partner than it is useless relation because in this world the biggest part is your partner and he or she is your shadow and back bone.

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